Weekend FAQ’s

What are Destination Kitchen cultural /culinary

When food is involved breaking bread with others is part of the experience and intragal. This means sharing! Once you’ve arrived at your destination you will connect with the rest of the group and begin to discover and explore both new and old places, cultures, peoples and an introduction to other ways of living, eating and cooking whilst embarking on an adventure. While on your adventure we will perhaps explore new foods, how they taste, how they are prepared or how they are grown. We will continue to share many things; simple and elegant dining experiences , both food and cultural adventures and activities, each other’s company and a comraderie that this type of trip affords. When you leave we hope you will have a new appreciation and interest in continuing and wanting more.
Our chefs, guides and hosts are fun, knowledgeable and want to engender warmth and excitement. We hope to bring each destination alive, and help make the difference between a “tour” and a Destination Kitchen Cultural/Culinary adventure.

Can I do these trips on my own?
Of course you can do these trips on your own. Remember, Destination Kitchen has taken the care, made the connections, done the research, eaten in the restaurants, visited the venues, spent the time and money, researched and experienced each location. We have worked out the wrinkles for a complete and fulfilling adventure. We have planned what we hope is a fun and lovely experience for you. By traveling with Destination Kitchen you are maximizing your chances for a fulfilling and enjoyable adventure, and minimizing your risk of uncertainties, doubt and frustration. As with anything, we cannot guarantee problem free, but while having someone else do the trouble shooting, you can maximize your vacation time.

What does the cost of each DK adventure include?
Our fees typically include all lodging, ground transportation while on tour, guide services, cooking classes and organized meals. Some times tipping and gratuities are not always included. Please review the trip itinerary to know when you are on your own with this one. When you are given free time or there is no meal planned, this expense will be your own.

What do I need to bring?
They say that packing light is best. Dress comfortably and bring clothing for the weather. Clothing that is considered nice and casual seems to work well. Always bring a pair of comfortable shoes I say. There often times is a lot of walking. Gentlemen should always pack a jacket and something dressy as it may be requested in a particular restaurant. In this case, some men like to wear ties. Ladies, may also require a dressy ensemble for a more upscale restaurant or activity. For international trips bring a valid passport, (valid for at least six months after the time of travel). Other wise, bring two (2) forms of I.D. (one with a picture) cameras, and all other personal necessities.

Is organized group travel for me?
Group travel offers a social framework in which to share the excitement of your discoveries. You are in the presence of like-minded people, you learn from others, others learn from you, and at the end of the day there are numerous common experiences to share. By going on one of our trips, you leave the planning, logistics and trouble-shooting to someone else, so you can maximize your vacation time.

What is your maximum group size?
This is flexible, so please call to make arrangements. Although, when staying at a Bed & Breakfast, twelve to sixteen depending on the trip. Our minimum is highly flexible, depending on the destination.
Is smoking allowed on your trips?
Most of our participants prefer a smoke-free environment. If you do wish to smoke, please be sensitive to the group and refrain from smoking at meals and in proximity to the group when on tours and elsewhere. Smoking in restaurants, cooking venues and vehicles is prohibited.

How do I book a Destination Kitchen trip?
· Call us at 1-813 -431-8663 to check availability. If there is still space available you may request a booking form by phone, or download one from our website.
· If paying by credit card, you can FAX the signed booking form, the client information form and your deposit to us, and your space will be reserved. FAX to: 504-861-7869.
· If paying by check, please mail the signed booking form, the client information form and your deposit to us, and your space will be reserved.